Travel Log: Hong Kong

Migrant Muse: Hong Kong

Destination: Hong Kong, China Companions: I travelled with my partner in crime JZ who had been to Hong Kong once before. His mom also accompanied us on part of the trip. When: We were here near the end of December, before […]

Home of the Big Buddha

Migrant Muse: Lantau Island

Another great escape from Hong Kong is a trip to Lantau Island but not for the places you might be thinking of. The island is home to Hong Kong’s Disneyland, the international airport, six prisons, Ngong Ping, the Po Lin […]

The Island of Suicide and Fishing

Migrant Muse: Cheung Chau

Welcome to Cheung Chau Island aka “Death Island.” It’s known for being a fishing village, but there’s a small dark secret. Apparently in the 90’s there were a string of suicides at a vacation rental home, Bela Vista Villa. The place […]

Love for the Hong Kong Metropolis

Migrant Muse: Hong Kong

Oh Hong Kong… such a world-class city. It’s expensive yes, but so technologically advanced, fashion-forward, and a huge financial hub. Dotted with some of the most impressive skyscrapers and high-rises that I’ve ever seen, this is one of those cities you can […]

Returning to the Motherland

Migrant Muse: Guangzhou

1. Beijing Road & Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street  Lined on either side with shops and food vendors galore, I smelled things I had never smelt before, and saw things I had never seen before. Good or bad? Interesting to say the […]