Life Lately :: September Musings 2017

So it’s been pretty quiet around here. I haven’t blogged in nearly a year. But it doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to much. If anything, too much has happened this past year. I had high hopes I would be more […]

Life Lately :: October Musings 2016

Where did September go? I saw it in the golden trees and darker skies. I felt it in the crunchy leaves and cheek-chilling wind, but here we are, already heading into the next month. Tell me, how did your September go? […]

A Quick Guide to Queenstown

The plane drops not once, but twice. Passengers gasp, yelp and laugh, but I clutch the arm rest as my stomach flips like it does on a roller coaster. Never have I been on a plane this jumpy before, and the weather […]

What it Means to Be a Multipotentialite

I’ve resonated with this word, multipotentialite, for quite some time after I found out what it means. It’s a classier word for dabbler, jack of all trades, generalist or dilettante, and the opposite of niche or being an expert. Multipotentialites (or […]

A Roundup (Normal) Guide to Portland

Migrant Muse: Portland

The votes are in! I can’t thank you all enough for letting me know what you’d like to read next on this blog. Since my subtle foray back into blogging after last week’s “Life Lately” musings, the majority of you lovely […]

Life Lately :: September Musings 2016

So I had really high hopes earlier this year. I was so convinced I’d get back into blogging again, sharing more travel stories, re-hashing some crazy experiences and… yeah, nevermind. Scratch that. This is my first post again in a super […]

Portland is Weird, Here’s Why

Migrant Muse: Portland

In the land of the Pacific Northwest, legal green stuff, hipsters, food carts and microbreweries, Portland is a city that’s… how shall I put it? Portland is weird, yo. Seriously. There’s a reason why the slogan “Keep Portland Weird” is […]

8 Foreign Films to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Migrant Muse: Romantic Foreign Films for Travellers

When I’m not travelling, I’m often watching films instead. Call me a film connoisseur, as I’ve watched a lot of films, but foreign films always seem to have that one unexpected element because of the way a story is told, or how it looks […]

18 Unique Things to Do in Seattle

Migrant Muse: Seattle

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of spending five whole days in Seattle. Super exciting as I’ve never spent more than 24 – 48 hours here. Seattle is only a couple of hours away from my homecity via plane, […]

Where You Need to Eat in Seattle

Migrant Muse: Seattle

I’m salivating again just thinking about where to eat in Seattle. After five whole days here, I was blown away by this city’s food scene. There’s so much to choose from in a small, concentrated area or even up and down […]